been dealt with, by dabbling in the unseen with the use of Ouija boards or seances, just as an example.  


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with. When this has been done, the change is immediate. Though terrifying to those affected, the issues discussed above are nearly always relatively easy to make stop.  

Symptoms of Haunting

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There are many symptoms of haunting ranging from hearing noises that can't be explained to actual physical harm to the living. In no instance is this acceptable.  It is a fundamental right of life to live free from fear in your own home. Symptoms of haunting can include but are not limited to:

All avenues to explain the unexplained should be considered and ruled out before a haunting can then be declared as the true cause. This process includes talking to the persons affected to ensure that all reasonable attempts at diagnosis have been considered (i.e., visits to doctors to rule out true illness and to obtain a firm diagnosis), determining when the symptoms of the haunting began, researching the history of the home or property, and a visit to the property in question either physically or in journey, a shamanic means of spirit travel that does not require the shaman to be physically present. It is also in this space that the shaman works to ensure that the living regain control of their surroundings, that the dead causing the issues are crossed over,  and  that  any other entities are dealt 

A haunting can occur for a variety of different reasons; no one is really sure why. But they DO occur and are quite common. For the sake of simplicity here, the definition of 'haunting' will cover the presence of any unseen force within a home or property (though it is rarely a simple thing).  

The living are always in control of their surroundings. However, there are times when this balance is upset and needs to be restored. This can occur when trauma has occurred at a location, a death has occurred on the premises and the dead have become stuck or confused, and sometimes the symptoms of haunting can be caused by the actions of the living, either through their own traumas that haven't

  • The sense that you are not alone or being watched.
  • Electrical or plumbing issues with no provable cause. Nonliving entities are energy and can often affect their surroundings. It is often electronics that we first notice are affected: Cell phone batteries that die quickly, lights turning on and off or flickering, and televisions suddenly turning on or off are just a few of the ways in which electronics can be affected. Faucets are another thing that can turn on without warning as well as strange noises in otherwise healthy pipes.
  • Hearing noises that have no logical explanation. This can include footsteps, banging, doors opening and closing (whether or not they actually open or close), whispering, growling, screaming, singing, moaning, and any otherwise human vocalization without the physical presence of a living being.
  • Physical pain and illness without a biological explanation. Oftentimes people will experience symptoms of pain, difficulty breathing, headache, chest pain, stomachache, back pain, sharp pains at different locations in the body, and unexplained illness while in the location of the haunting. The symptoms will sometimes disappear when one leaves the premises.  
  • Unexplained changes in personality. These can be focused inward such as anxiety, depression, sadness or feelings of loss, and self-destructive behavior; sometimes the feelings are focused outward towards others often in the form of anger, aggression, and hostility.
  • Items disappearing within the home or on the property that either reappear in the same place some time later or are  later found in a completely different location. Examples are keys set down in their usual place that turn up under the bed some time later; the utensil you just took out of the drawer to use for dinner that is just...gone. In some extreme cases, it is only religious items that disappear, sometimes for good, such as rosary beads, bibles, or crucifixes. The disappearance of items can also lead to:
  • Feelings of mental instability. The feeling that one is losing their mind is a common aspect of hauntings especially when the haunting is affecting only certain people within the home. In this instance, not every person within the home is targeted, and their very real experiences are difficult for those not affected to take seriously making the affected person appear deranged, "over-imaginative", overly dramatic, and even psychotic. Oftentimes, the person will see shadows, hear their name called, experience inappropriate touching, scratches and bruises they can't explain, and see the things they fear that no one else can see, such as spiders. Be assured that you are not crazy. 
  • Changes in the dispositions of pets. Pets are very sensitive and see the things we often do not. This can present in a variety of behaviors ranging from fear of a certain area, barking at a certain spot or avoidance of certain places in the home, staring at certain points for minutes to hours at a time, and also the same aggressive behavior as their human counterparts, sometimes with a complete change in personality with unprovoked attacks on their human or other pets in the home.
  • Nightmares or vivid dreams, sometimes recurrent, waking up with unexplained scratches, cuts, or bruises.
  • There are many other symptoms of haunting, some of which are more subtle and may not at first glance appear to be related to haunting.  These symptoms are usually only experienced when at the location of the affected home or property, and will disappear when one leaves the general vicinity.  These can include:
    • Insomnia
    • The feeling of something just not being quite 'right' but felt only in a certain area of the home or property such as closets, basements, attics, and outbuildings
    • An uneasy feeling that just can't be pinpointed.
    • Forgetfulness
    • Inability to concentrate.

This is by no means a comprehensive list. In severe instances, the physical harm being done to a person who is experiencing a haunting can lead to unexplained accidents in which the person is seriously harmed, and even death. This should never be tolerated. In these instances, a stop will be put to your situation without charge. Help is never withheld based on ability to pay.