Ms. F had very real symptoms of physical illness. Yet, diagnoses were illusive even though her symptoms were very real. She was quickly reaching the end of what western medicine had to offer her and when her doctor called me for the referral he expressed his fear for her long-term well being.​

Ms. F. left me a voicemail message, yet when I tried to call her back, I got a recording saying that her phone had been disconnected. As I had texted her shortly before the phone call and received a text in response, I knew this couldn't be the case. I called her again. This time, I got a recording that her voice mail was full. I called a third time, and she answered stating that she had the phone in her hand the entire time I'd been trying to call, and it had never rung.​ I began asking her questions about the entity. Immediately, I could see it as she talked. It had been with her since childhood and began making threats toward me. I asked her why she was ready to get rid of this entity now. She didn't answer me; it was as if I hadn't spoken, and she moved on to another subject. I let that thought train run its course and asked again: Why are you ready for this to be gone now? Again, she changed the subject and didn't answer the question. Once again, I let the subject run it's course, and then apologized for the repetition, but stated that I couldn't help her until she answered the question. She stated that she'd not heard me ask the question the other two times, but this time gave the reason that this was beginning to feel like it wasn't a friend anymore but something aggressive and mean and she was afraid for her children. In our conversation, I could see that she had a child, a very young boy who was also very gifted intuitively. She verified that he was in fact her child and that she had noticed this in him, as well. I could see that he was very scared by the things he saw in the house. And the entity bothering Ms. F wasn't alone: There were more. The people in the home were hearing and seeing these dead and it was causing issues with the young boy in particular though others in the home were experiencing loss of sleep, bad dreams, feelings of being watched, and actually seeing apparitions at different areas in the home. We set up a time for me to come to the home and visit with the family, walk the property, do a clearing, and see what needed to be done to help.

It took weeks to be able to finally meet. It seemed that we would set up a time and one thing or another would happen to keep me from going to Ms. F's home. I finally opted to perform the work in Journey meditation in order to bypass the delay obstacles that were being created in order to deal with the entity as I was beginning to fear for the safety of the people in the home. If an entity is strong enough to keep me from making contact, it needs to be dealt with sooner rather than later. It knows that I will be making it leave and, like any other being, tries to protect itself and keep that from happening by any means that it can. Also, the energy it was taking to keep it away from the family and keep them safe from a distance was becoming tiring. I arrived in Journey to find nothing in her home. But it was a false front; whatever this entity was, it knew how to hide and did it effectively. I'd not had this experience before. In an effort not to escalate the matter, I waited to meet with the family in person which we were able to do the following day.  

When I arrived at her home, the sheer volume of dead there was almost overwhelming. But none of them seemed to be related to each other, all wearing clothing from different time periods, all from different racial backgrounds, etc. I first thought it was because Ms. F was gifted and with a gifted child in the house this can sometimes happen. But something was off. I spoke to the child, gave him the tools he needed to put himself in control of when and how the dead spoke to him or showed themselves to him so that he would no longer feel at their mercy. But there were other entities there, too. My guide was telling me that they had been invited into the home and on further questioning, I learned that Ms. F enjoyed horror movies, the scarier the better. This isn't a useful thing for intuitives. In fact, it opens a door that they then have no way to close. Inviting in things like this, in almost 100% of cases, causes the living to begin to experience physical pain and illness, the reason she had been seeing the doctor who referred her to me, in the first place. I then did a complete clearing of the home, top to bottom, as well as the parameters of the property. I spoke to Ms. F over the next few days and she said that the issues in the home had stopped completely.  

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Ms. F

Ms. F was referred to me by a local physician's office whom I work with. She had shared with him her fear of an entity that she knew had been attached to her for a number of years. But over the past few months she had begun to feel a darkness inside that went beyond simple depression. She had a severe increase in physical pain and had begun to contemplate suicide something she didn't feel was coming from inside herself. She could hear a voice that she described as different from her own internal dialog constantly telling her she was worthless. That she was better off dead. However, the culminating event that caused her to seek help was one night when her boyfriend turned over in bed and reached for her and he heard a deep disembodied male voice say, "Don't touch her. She's mine." Another clinician in the doctors office who referred her had also been scared by this a similar vocalization during a routine treatment on Ms. F.

forward when she felt herself pushed. A very distinct​ push from her left side. She flew off the ladder and hit her head on the wall, breaking her arm in two places. She went to the  emergency room where she was admitted to the hospital for surgery and her fractures were repaired using pins.  Even this, she put off as her own clumsiness, though she knew what she had felt: She had definitely been pushed off the ladder.  

Ms. L had two dogs both over the age of four, who had grown up together as puppies and loved each other dearly. They were constant companions and the best of friends. Just days after Ms. L returned home from the hospital, one dog turned viciously on the other causing it to lose an eye. This was the final straw.  

We talked briefly on the phone, and I agreed to journey to her home to find out what was going on. When I arrived there that night in a journey meditation I could see a being who was patrolling her home. To this day I don't have a name for what type of being this was; it had never been human. Over the course of the next 30 minutes or so, this being was rendered inert and removed from her home and property. She has not been bothered since,and her dogs returned to their usual loving behavior.  

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Ms. L

I received a call a few years ago from Ms. L, a new homeowner who had begun to feel uncomfortable the day she moved into her new home. Feelings that she was being watched particularly in certain rooms of the house, waking up in the middle of the night when she heard someone call her name, and behavioral changes in her pets who were showing signs of aggression she'd not seen them before. She had tried to ignore these feelings for a number of months hoping the activity would stop if she could just ignore it long enough.  

The events leading up to her phone call began when she was painting her living room. She was standing on a ladder, not reaching out or leaning

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THE Uncommon Shaman

a Modern Practitioner for Today's World

Mr. K

Mr. K was a long-haul truck driver and avid motorcycle rider. A big burly man with a very kind heart. Oddly, I met him on social media, something unusual  for me as I keep my social media profile pretty tight. He lived in a city not far from mine at the time and he asked me to ride motorcycles with him. I met him a week or so later and we enjoyed a beautiful ride up in the mountains.  

We had stopped the bike on the side of the road so Mr. K could have a smoke when I suddenly realized that he had a daughter who had died. I'd not met the man before today and had only spoken to him briefly prior to our ride.  I knew nothing of his background, his belief system, and he had not mentioned anything at all about a family. With a feeling of dread that I was about to be  

left sitting there on the side of the road after what was about to appear to be complete lunacy I asked him if he had lost a child. He was a little surprised, but he said that he had. She had a lot to say to him, and I proceeded to pass on the message fully believing that when I finished and looked up at him he'd be getting on his bike and leaving me behind.  

When the girl had finished what she had to say to her father, I looked up at him ready to apologize for the unsolicited event. But, he stood there, his cigarette burned down completely with the ash still attached, tears streaming down his face. He said that his teenage daughter had been hit by a drunk driver when she'd been walking home one evening after dark.  He blamed himself entirely as he was supposed to have picked her up that night but was too drunk at the time to drive. He hadn't touched alcohol since but he continued to blame himself completely for her death. Her message to him was one of forgiveness, letting him know that she loved him and that she was okay. She could see the pain he was in, how it was destroying him, and she just wanted him to know that she was alright and that he needed to stop blaming himself and move forward with his life.  

I never saw Mr. K again after this and assume that the strange way in which we met was the work of my Guides and his and his beloved daughter who had passed, so that he could move forward in his life knowing that she was alright, loved him dearly, and placed no blame.