you and your Guides and helpers and in this way can get a better idea of the type of work that might best suit your specific situation. There is no charge for this call and what you don't say is equally important as the things you discuss in that initial conversation. It's more about connecting with you and your issue energetically.  This is usually a brief call of 5-10 minutes.

Once a game plan is devised between you (unless you live locally and can schedule a meeting in person), you will then be given a window of a few days in which the work will be done. Due to the fact that the actual work is performed by

Please email Melissa with the service you are inquiring about in the Subject line (i.e., Reading/divination, Energy Work, Haunting, etc.). In the Message section please give a brief description of your need. This doesn't need to be a detailed message. Melissa will respond to your inquiry within 24-48 hours to talk about how best to serve you. You may also contact her directly at the email address below.


for replies as replies sometimes default to that folder. Melissa responds to every request for information received; if you have not received an answer within 48 hours, be sure to check spam and junk folders for your message.

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What Happens Next?

our Guides and helpers with Melissa as the facilitator, it isn't always up to her when the work takes place. But, once it is done she will then email you with the results of the work, any findings, and the suggestions on how to move forward.

No one is ever refused help based on money.  And, you might be genuinely surprised at how quickly and easily your issue can be resolved in a matter of days.  

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Once Melissa has received your initial contact form she will return your email usually within 24 hours not counting weekends. She usually likes to set up a time to talk - either on the phone, email, text, or whatever is most convenient for you - in which she can connect to you and find out a bit more about your specific issue. During this conversation Melissa is better able to connect with