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About Shamanism

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How Can I Determine if I Might Be Called To This Work?

This is a question I'm asked often.  Whether there is a difference between BEING a shaman and practicing shamanism.  And yes, there is an answer!  Loren Torres gives the best answer to this question that I've found to date.  You can read all about it here:


How Do I Research A Good Shaman?

There are so many people today who claim to be shamans.  It's harder than ever to make sure that the person you're working with is legit.  The Foundation for Shamanic Studies, founded by Dr. Michael Harner, is a great resource, though I can't vouch for all of their shamen.  Lots of good information on this site and the only site I am listed (other than here).


What is Shamanism?  I'd like to learn more!

Shamanism is not a religion, but more a way of life, a spiritual way of looking at life.  Wiki, in this case, gives a fairly good (but brief!) overview.

What is Shamanic Healing and How Can it Help Me?

We all have a spirit.  Throughout the vagaries of life, that spirit becomes damaged, fractured, and less vital than it should be.  Shamanic healing comes in many forms, and a good shaman healer will be able to properly determine which healing modalities might best suit your needs and symptoms.  To learn more about shamanic healing and what it might have to