Energy work can be undertaken either in person at the practitioner's location, or at a distance. Because this work is undertaken in the spiritual realm, one does not need to be physically present to reap the benefit. But, if you're considering adding this modality to your current treatment regimen, here's what you can expect:

Both in-person and distance treatments begin with an initial no-cost consultation, usually by phone. In this discussion the things that you don't say are more important than those you do. This is a reading of sorts in which the shaman gathers information from your personal guides as well as her own and in that way can get a clearer picture -, first from them - about the areas that need the most focus. She'll ask you some random questions with the goal of connecting to you and your guides. Once that connection is made, you will then choose a time to meet, either in person or via distance work.  Melissa specifically requests not to have specific knowledge of your illness or disease during this consultation, though you may discuss your diagnoses and the treatments you have tried up to that point. Her questions are more to connect to you initially in order to discover whether energy work is something that might be useful to you, and this information comes from your Guides and your own spirit. There are some specific questions, but the diagnoses given to you by your healthcare providers aren't as important as the information that she gains from your spirit and Guides.

If you opt for in-person treatment...

...a time for that treatment will be arranged and Melissa can see you at either her home office location in Erie, CO, or at ESP Sports Medicine in Lafayette, CO where she can see you on a weekend or evening. At the time of your appointment, you'll spend the first few minutes talking and will be given an opportunity to ask as many questions as you'd like. Again, this is a type of reading that allows Melissa to connect to you and your Guides as this entire "team" will communicate with her letting her know where to focus the work. Once that connection is made, you'll then be asked to lie comfortably on the massage table. Soft music will play in the background and you may find yourself drifting off to sleep. It's not necessary for you to lie motionless and so you may move around as you're comfortable. Some people experience vivid memories, sometimes of events in this life that might be particular to their specific issue or healing, and sometimes memories of past lives. Some folks feel the energy moving through their body as the  work is performed. There is very little touch involved in energy work as it is the energetic body and spirit that are being affected. When touch is required, most people report a feeling of heat that they would consider unusual.  

In this initial visit, Melissa will go through the entire body looking for areas of inflammation and disease, both physical and emotional. The information gained in these sessions can be surprising and this is the main reason that she asks for so little information from you or your healthcare provider up front. It's important that any information that comes in this consultation hasn't been influenced by something she's heard from you or your healthcare provider beforehand so that she is absolutely sure that the information she's getting is from your body and spirit only. Once the initial scan is completed which takes approximately 10 minutes, then any areas that were observed to be problem areas in the initial scan are then addressed. This is where light touch might come into play. As a patient, there is no downside to this therapy. You might feel heat that's stronger than you'd expect coming from her hands. You might drift off to sleep. You might have a waking-type dream. You may feel a welling of emotion. Or, you might feel nothing but relaxed.  Every person and every body is different. As Melissa focuses on each area, she is adding energy to that space which amplifies your own energy's ability to heal.

If you opt for distance work... will first have the same no-cost initial phone consultation. Then, you will be given a three-day window for treatment and your session will occur at some point within those three days,generally at night while you're asleep. In a specific shamanic meditation called journeying, Melissa will perform exactly the same type of work as in-person work on your spirit and body. The work occurs in exactly the same way and process, just without her physical body being present at your session. The same information is obtained and the same level of healing occurs; there is no difference.

There are generally issues that come up in energy work that require further work on the part of the shaman. This can include soul retrieval, balancing of energies in a deeper way than can be attempted in person, extended work in removing built-up energy within the system, cord cuttings which are a type of connection that we might maintain or hold onto from a person or experience that no longer serves us, or many other shamanic treatments that your Guides and spirit suggest is best for your particular situation. Most of these treatments are included in the cost of your session.  

What tools are used in energy work?

The shaman may use different tools, salt or smoke for smudging and blessing, an eye mask to help facilitate healing, and often she will use a crystal or other tool that acts as an amplifier of energy for the healing. An energy healing session can last anywhere from 20 minutes to one hour, basically going as long as it is needed. During the session and regardless of what tools are used, the work is to remove built-up energy from past experiences so that any other modalities of healing such as talk therapy, massage, or medication therapy, can be more effective in your healing.

Unlike most therapies, the effects can often be judged on a single session. It doesn't often take more than one or two sessions to notice a difference and sometimes that's all it takes. Your shaman will also generally have recommendations for you of what the Guides suggest regarding changes to lifestyle that can help facilitate whatever issues the client is having. The physicians with whom she works know not to provide her any information when they make their referrals. And, all sessions are completely confidential.

What is the cost of a typical session?

A typical session is approximately what you would pay for an insurance co-pay. That said, no one is turned away due to finances and this is discussed on a case-by-case basis.

Who are the best candidates for this type of therapy?

Everyone has something to potentially gain from shamanic work. Alongside western medical therapies, talk therapy, medication therapy, physical therapy, etc., energy work goes hand-in-hand and can help those other modalities work more effectively. If your doctor has talked to you about the possibility of pursuing shamanic treatment for your illness or symptoms, those patients who gain the most from this work are those who have not yet lost hope. People who are actively involved in their own healing tend to gain the most benefit in the shortest time. But, everyone with a spirit can receive benefit from this work.

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What Is Energy Work?

You've heard the saying, "We are all of us the sum of our parts". In other words, every experience we've had, good and bad, happy and sorrowful, stressful and relaxing, all experiences that we have throughout our lives creates the person we are this very moment. We carry within us not only memories of those events in our minds but also the energy of those events in our bodies. Fear, anger, hopelessness...we've all had moments in which we've experienced these things.  Sometimes, the events are so traumatic that we seek help with talk therapy and medication, all appropriate and helpful

What to Expect From Your Energy Work Session

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treatments in their own right. But, it's not often that Spirit is given the same care. Our spirit, our soul, also has memory as do the organs in our body and the very cells of which we are made. Just as negativity builds up in our hearts and minds making us feel sadness, regret, depression, and hopelessness, it also accumulates within our cells and organs which can cause disease of every sort, from autoimmune problems to cancer and even death. In some cases, the energy work is a simple balancing of the chakras, moving energy through the body in areas in which it may have become stagnant, and then grounding the person in this new state of health so that they can move forward and gain better outcome from any other therapies or modalities in which they may be participating. Just as there is healing to be found in speaking with a good counselor or taking the right medications for chemical imbalances, It's also important that we give equal care to the spirit which can also be treated.