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What to Expect From Your Energy Work Session

What Is Energy Work?

traumatic that we seek help with talk therapy and sometimes even medications, all appropriate and helpful treatments in their own right.  But, it's not often that Spirit is given the same care.  Our spirit, our soul, also has memory.  As do the organs in our body and the very cells of which we are made.  Just as negativity builds up in our hearts and minds making us feel sadness, regret, depression, and hopelessness, it also accumulates within our cells and organs as a toxicity which can cause disease of every sort, from autoimmune problems to cancer and even death.  In most cases, the energy work is a simple balancing of the chakras, moving energy through the body in areas in which it may have become stagnant, and then grounding the person in this new state of health so that they can move forward and gain better outcome from any other therapies or modalities in which they may be participating.

Just as there is healing to be found in speaking with a good counselor or taking the right medications for chemical imbalances, It's also important that we give equal care to the spirit which can also be treated.

You've heard the saying, "We are all of us the sum of our parts".  In other words, every experience we've had, both good and bad, happy and sorrowful, stressful and relaxing, all experiences that we have throughout or lives creates the person we are this very moment.  We carry within us not only our memories of those events in our minds, but also the energy of those events in our bodies.  Fear, anger, hopelessness...we've all had moments in which we've experienced these things.  Sometimes, the events are so

Energy work can be undertaken either in person at the practitioner's location, or at a distance.  Because this work is undertaken in the spiritual realm, one does not need to be physically present to reap the benefit.  There is little to no touching when undergoing a session of energy work.  If in person, your practitioner will first spend some time talking to you.  This often involves a type of reading, as both your Guides and those of your shaman will communicate with her letting her know where to focus the work.  Once that connection is made, you'll then be asked to lie comfortably on the massage table.  Soft music will play in the background, and you may find yourself drifting off to sleep.  Some people have vivid memories surface, sometimes of events in this life, sometimes memories of past lives.  Some people feel the energy moving through their body as the energy work is undertaken.

The shaman may use different tools, sage for smudging and blessing, essential oils in the room or on an eye mask to help facilitate healing, and often she will use a crystal or other tool that acts as an amplifier of energy for the healing.  An energy healing session can last anywhere from 20 minutes to one hour, basically going as long as it is needed.  During the session and regardless of what tools are used, the work is to remove built up toxicity from past experiences so that any other modalities of healing such as talk therapy, massage, or medication therapy, can be more effective in your healing.

If doing distance work, you will be given a time frame of a few days in which the work will be undertaken.  This is usually done when the client is sleeping, as it's easier to work on someone in this way when they're consciousness isn't in the forefront.  The practitioner enters a very specific type of shamanic meditation in which she travels to you wherever you live in the physical world.  In this meditation, she can see what's going on with you physically and, with the help of her Guides, exact the same type of healing as if you were there in person.

Like most therapies, this cannot be judged on a single session.  But, oftentimes, it doesn't take more than one or two sessions to notice a difference, and sometimes that's all it takes.  Your shaman will also generally have recommendations for you of what the Guides suggest regarding changes to lifestyle that can help facilitate whatever issues the client is having.

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