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Q.  What is your earliest memory of being intuitive?  

A.  My earliest recollection of communicating with the dead was at age two.  I saw and heard things that frightened me from as far back as I can remember.  

Q.  How did you learn about shamanism?

A.  Until 1999, I'd never heard the term.  When I was 29, I was struck by a car when I was crossing a street.  I spent a number of months in a wheelchair, and it was then that I first saw and heard who I now know to be my Guides.  But, I'd never heard the term 'shamanism' before until then.  I knew nothing about it, in fact.  But I was told this is what I was and, with no more information than that, was asked if I wanted to continue with learning or walk away.  After considering this for a few days, I decided to accept what my Guides were offering to teach me.  They then spent the next 18 months instructing me in so many things...but not to read anything:  Just listen.  After that time period, I was then told to read everything I could find on the subject, and, in doing so, I found everything they'd already taught me. 

Q.  What made you accept their offer?  

A.  Earlier in young adulthood, I'd had some terrifying things happen to me that challenged everything I thought I knew to be true.  When it was happening to me, and for years afterward when it followed me, I could find no one to help me; no one to even explain what was going on.  I lived in terror.  The opportunity to finally understand those events and then be able to get over my fear and help other people in similar situations was the main reason I accepted.   Over the course of that 18 months of training, my Guides provided situations on a daily basis that proved their authenticity over and over again that built absolute trust showing me that, when they give a message, it is truth.

Q.  How do you see your gift?  

​A.  I'm just a mouth.  I - me, Melissa, - have no ability other than I listen and repeat what I'm told.  It's my Guides who are the healers, who evoke change and help.  That's all.  That simple.  I've been truly fortunate to be able to work with doctors willing to send me their patients, and I've been put in sometimes strange positions with complete strangers.  But, I trust my Guides completely so I go where I'm told and do what I'm asked.  Our Guides and Helpers are here for us all the time; we just have to listen.  I don't see this as strange or spooky; there was a time when people believed the earth to be flat; they just didn't have the tools yet to see the truth,  to prove the truth that the earth was round.  It didn't change the fact that the earth was round.  We don't yet have the tools to measure what it means to be intuitive; but I don't believe that it's "para" normal: It's just not measurable, provable, yet.  But seeing a person's past or future, being able to see negative attachments to them is just an anomaly; it's nothing frightening.  We just can't explain it yet.  My business cards just say 'Intuitive'.  Though my Guides have told me what I am, and they've trained me in shamanism, I don't feel that it's something to be advertised.  It's a very personal and private thing for me.  This site, and a listing with an anthropologist whose writings factored strongly in my post-training reading, are the only places one will find my name and the word 'shamanism' anywhere at all.  I'm just a mouth.  I've done nothing to deserve the title other than listen.  I accept it's who and what I am and I have the utmost respect for it.  But, to me, in my own mind, I'm just a mouth.

Q.  What do you hope to accomplish?

A.  I remember when I first accepted this and was just starting out in my training, the things I was learning seemed so strange.  I remember telling my Guides, "This is just so...weird.  I don't want to be weird."  And their answer was, "So, don't act weird."  It still makes me laugh.  Such a simple answer.  There are so many things in life that we can't explain yet; we just don't have the tools or the knowledge.  And this creates fear.  And fear creates imbalance.  Not just on a small scale, say within the human body, but also on a large scale, in communities, entire societies, in fact.  I want to help people not be afraid.  To be okay with the things we can't explain.  And in that absence of fear, to find healing.  

Melissa works in close proximity to doctors providing complimentary therapies to assist in whole-body healing usually in tandem with talk therapy and Western medicine.  She works with realtors, in the US and abroad, clearing space for sale or healing, and helping new home and business owners ensure the best start in their new location.  She loves doing readings for people, both in person locally, or over the phone internationally.  She hasn't met a haunting challenge yet that her Guides weren't capable of fixing.  She lives in Colorado with her husband and their two dogs.